Welcome to Synergy Stockport

Synergy Stockport is a local charity which aims to improve the quality of life of local people and their communities. Established in 2009, the charity has focused on the provision of independent advice and other support services, working collaboratively with other voluntary organisations.


Currently, Synergy Stockport is involved with two key projects The Prevention Alliance and Sector 3:


The Prevention Alliance

The Prevention Alliance was established in  2015, bringing six charities together with Stockport Council into a new Alliance to provide proactive and early support for anyone in Stockport who is vulnerable due to their health, wellbeing or situation, with the aim of enabling and empowering people to work towards independence.  Synergy is one of the Alliance members along with Age UK Stockport, NACRO, Threshold, TLC-Talk, Listen Change and Stockport Homes.

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Sector 3

Sector 3 exists to improve the resilience and sustainability of sector organisations by bringing them together.  The network has a wide range of members from all parts of the third sector and seeks to provide connectivity between, and a voice for, voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations in Stockport.  The project recognises that no single organisation can speak for the sector as a whole, but through the development of a collaborative network, sharing information and resources, much can be done to address local issues and policy and service development.

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