Sector 3


Briefing Document on Synergy & Sector 3 – the current picture (May 2018)

Sector 3 is a network of third sector organisations set up by Life Leisure in 2017. Sector 3 exists to improve the resilience and sustainability of sector organisations by bringing them together to share resources, expertise, and voice. The network met through 2017 with a wide range of members from all parts of the third sector.



Synergy and Sector 3 both recognise the need for a strong and sustainable third sector. Both had independently undertaken research into the local sector; Sector 3 Manchester Business School and Synergy with the local Voluntary sector. Both had reached the same conclusions around gaps and the need for increased networking and some form of infrastructure support. At the end of 2017 it became clear that Synergy and Sector 3 had very similar aims and there was a danger of duplicating effort when this is the last thing the sector needs. Early in 2018, conversations between representatives of both met and agreed it was important to work together for the wider benefit of the third sector. Several meetings later and there is a partnership between the two networks.

The partnership’s purpose is to work together for the benefit of all the third sector. Synergy has the legal structure and history to hold the work and Sector 3 has a wide range of committed members covering the full spectrum of organisations.

It was recently agreed that the work is a project called Sector 3: Stockport in Synergy, which sits within the legal structure of Synergy. This helps bring clarity to communication and any marketing and is hoped brings clarity to the third and public sectors.



The following tasks form the current work of Synergy and Sector 3:

1. Agreeing how the partnership will work

2. Meeting with public sector representatives to discuss the needs of the third sector

3. Researching potential funders to invest in developing Sector 3

4. Drafting a Case for Support for Sector 3

Goals for the next 3 months are to:

1. Continue the regular newsletter to the third sector with updates on local and GM developments, new opportunities, and funder profiles

2. Continue the regular Sector 3 network meetings

3. Begin a series of regular workshops, the first of which is focused on sharing expertise on recruiting, managing, and retaining volunteers

4. Obtain investment to further develop Synergy, Sector 3 and the infrastructure support in Stockport: without this the work cannot continue



Membership is open to the whole sector and both Synergy and Sector 3 welcome other organisations who want to take part and benefit from the Sector 3 work. We currently have over 20 members from all areas of the sector and growing.